Hey, I'm Mat: designer, gamer, tea drinker.

I earn a crust as a graphic & web designer. I love what I do and I want to do more of it.

G’day, welcome to my site. Make yourself at home.

I’m an Aussie graphic and web designer. I’m excellent with HTML and CSS and am currently advancing my front-end web development skills.

With a background in multimedia and graphic design, I offer strong conceptual thinking with a focus on digital solutions. My time working as a web designer has given me great UI design experience. During my years working on Government publications I developed a mean typographical eye. Couple that with my other work experience and I give you a front-end designer with great type skills, a love of UI design, a deep knowledge of WCAG2.0 accessibility standards and a passion for creative solutions.

Wrap all that bizzo up in a nerdy Dave Grohl wannabe and there you have it, me!

I went to school!

Graduate Diploma
Graphic Design
University of Canberra

Bachelor’s Degree
Multimedia Production (Communications)
University of Canberra

My Approach

For me, Graphic Design is all about creative problem solving. Communicating targeted messages to specified audiences takes thought, planning and great execution. It’s not all about making things look pretty. Producing great looking results is just part of the process.

The Essentials

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