Board Operations Policy


Superannuation Corporation




Create a modern design for the BOP document. This new design was to be rolled out over the rest of the corporate suite.


This job presented an interesting challenge in that I was tasked with creating modern and new design while adhering to the existing style guide. As the style guide was pretty comprehensive when it came to document layout, I had to bend the rules a little to allow me to create something new.

Straying too far from the style guide was going to result in a refused concept, so I decided to create a suite of icons to help modernise the document, negating the need to completely redesign the existing graphic elements.

The policy documents are predominantly read internally. As I knew that many staff, and all of the board members, had iPads, I decided to design for  digital first. This would produce a tablet friendly document that could still be viewed on desktop and printed just as easily.

The icons formed part of the navigation and each section page provided links at the bottom of the page.

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