ComSuper Annual Report 2013–14


ComSuper (Australian Government)




Create a unique design for the Annual Report while keeping it consistent with previous years’ branding.


I saw this project as an opportunity to modernise ComSuper’s image. ComSuper is a Federal Government agency, so the design still needed to be professional and corporate, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be modern and interesting.

I decided to create a suite of icons to represent each section and introduce a snapshot page to give readers a quick outline of the most impressive and important achievements within the report. I created a unique icon for each of these snapshot items.

I planned a clean and minimal layout with a simple but considered colour scheme, featuring the icons for navigational aids.

I wanted to create a print design that translated well to digital platforms while keeping the design consistent.

Icon Design

I designed custom icons for each section of the report and the performance snapshot page.

Snapshot icons

Web versions

I built a fully responsive web version of the report, utilising the icons, colour scheme and imagery to finish off a consistent suite.

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